"Beautiful in Vienna" March 18-19, 2006


A Review by the President of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Doris Grablowitz:

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

Our annual meeting of the EACS has been a great success. We welcomed participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Israel here in Vienna, who did not only acquire knowledge from the speakers, but also contributed with their own expertise to the discussions.
The lectures about New Fillers, Meso Therapy and Injection Lipolyse were held in the morning and after a romantic lunch in Palais Equitable every participant had the opportunity of an individual 'hands on training' on the patient, in order to exercise the acquired knowledge in practice.
On of the patients, a very well-known Austrian astrologer, agreed to prognose the future for our participants.
Vienna appeared in its most beautiful spring dress and all pariticipants took the chance to explore this wonderful city by going shopping or going on a sight-seeing tour.
Our workshop has been great fun for all - participants, organizers and patients.
I want to thank everybody who contributed to the workshop and I am looking forward to our next meeting "Beautiful in Vienna 2007".

Doris Grablowitz
President of the EACS