Dear Members and Friends of the EACS,

I am very proud to announce that the annual congress of the EACS will take
place in Honolulu (Hawaii) on September 21-24, 2006.
For this great event we will cooperate with the following societies:
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (IACS)
World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM)
When comparing the progress in the field of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic
medicine in recent years with the very beginning of these science, it shows
how cosmetic surgery has become an important international subject.
Therefore the annual congress of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
will not take place in Europe but in Honolulu, in Hawaii.
I want to use this opportunity to thank our friend Dr. Tetsuo Shu, President
of the APACS and IACS, who is encouraging and supporting the international
idea and who is continuously putting great effort into inspiring many
international societies to team up on the occasion of worldwide congresses
in order to benefit from eachother.
Furthermore I want to thank Bob Peterson, who had the wonderful idea to pick
"West meets East" as a central theme and ever since he has been working hard
to organize an extraordinary event.
The meeting should help to educate Western physicians about the wonderful
work that is being done in
 Asia, and to highlight anatomic and cultural differences that make surgical
decisions different in various parts of the world. The focus of the meeting
will be in contrasting the approaches of rejuvenation in Caucasia with those
methods favored in Asia. The conference's aim is to demonstrate and point
out the causes for these differences, and illuminate situations in which one
approach is favorable for certain types of patients.

Apart from the above stated sophisticated program I want to underline that
this congress is a unique opportunity for European physicians to experience
first-hand the sometimes very different but successful Asian methods of
treatment. The direct exchange of ideas will secure in best time an
extensive headstart regarding the experience with Asian methods.
I am positive that it will be a very interesting, motivating and stimulating
meeting for all participants. Furthermore Hawaii, blending West and East, is
a great location for this kind of conference. The meeting will be held at
the beautifully located Hilton Hawaiian Hotel and we have secured very
favorable room rates for our members.
So please attend our meeting and take advantage of this chance to visit
Hawaii and stay at a great hotel for a special price.
The following page will provide you with all the necessary information about
the Congress and you can also book all accommodations through the following
I am looking forward to meeting you and your families at this great event in
stunning Hawaii --- Your participation is more than welcomed! ALOHA!

I remain with best regards,
Dr. Doris Grablowitz
President der EACS