World Congress of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Tokyo (Japan), November 18-20, 2005






A Review by the President of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Doris Grablowitz:


It has been a great congress in a wonderful city. The international speakers came from all around the world to Japan, among them participants from Europe, Hawaii, Columbia, Argentina, the Philippines and other countries.

        Dr. Shu and his entire team spared no effort or expenses to make this congress to an absolute highlight in aesthetic history. Not only the cooperation of the various international academies but also the knowledge exchangings of the participants reflected the spirit of this unique meeting. Very interessting scientific contributions and discussions on the highest level of aesthetic medicine made this congress to one of the most valuable in the Asian and Pacific Area.

        Being the president of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery I was very honored to be part of this event. Well done Dr. Shu!



Doris Grablowitz, MD


Ps: Please find some snapshots and impressions of the closing ceremony attached.




Dr. Tetsuo Shu is the President of the Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Honorary President of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.


Click here to read Dr. Shu's 'thank-you letter' to all participants of the congress.





Dr. Tetsuo Shu and his wife, Dr. Doris Grablowitz (middle)


Dr. René Villedieu and his wife (Honorary President of the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery), Dr. Doris Grablowitz (middle)


Dr. Giorgio Fischer (President of the Italian Society of Cosmetic Surgery and President of the Italian Society of Liposuction Surgery), Dr. Anthony Erian (Vice President of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) and Dr. Doris Grablowitz


Prim. Dr. Viktor Grablowitz, Dr. Doris Grablowitz and Dr. Melvin A. Shiffman (Chief Examiner, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon of IBCS and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology)


Dr. Doris Grablowitz, Lina Valero (General Secretary of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) and Dr. Corazon Collantes-Jose (President of the Philippine Society of Cosmetic Surgery)


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